Remote access

Remote access

We connect to our personal computer by using ssh (Secure Shell).

Enable the use of hostname to connect to the node

To be able to use the nakamoto01 hostname instead of the IP address, we must install this necessary software package

Install avahi

apk add avahi

Add service to runlevel

rc-update add avahi-daemon

Start service

rc-service avahi-daemon start

Log out


Access with Secure Shell

Now it’s time to connect to the MicroBolt via ssh and get to work.

Since windows 10 1809 and higher, windows have openSSH (opens in a new tab) installed by default.

macOS have also openSSH installed by default.

If you are on a Linux/*BSD/plan9 systems you know what to do ;)

ssh root@nakamoto01

You will be prompted for the password you have chosen previously