Electrum server

Electrum server

This may take some time

Electrum must first fully index the blockchain and compact its database before you can connect to it with your signing devices. This can take up to ~1.5 - 4 days or more, depending on the hardware.

We will set up an Electrum server for use with your Bitcoin software or hardware signing device.


Make sure that you have reduced the database cache of Bitcoin client

Bitcoin with signing devices

The best way to safely keep your bitcoin key pairs (meaning the best combination of security and usability) is to use a signing device (like SeedSigner (opens in a new tab), Passport (opens in a new tab), BitBox (opens in a new tab), Coldcard (opens in a new tab), Jade (opens in a new tab) or Trezor (opens in a new tab)) in combination with your own Bitcoin node. This gives you security, privacy and eliminates the need to trust a third party to verify transactions.

Bitcoin client on the MicroBolt itself is not meant to hold funds.

One possibility to use Bitcoin client with your Bitcoin signing devices is to use an Electrum server as middleware. It imports data from Bitcoin client and provides it to signing software supporting the Electrum protocol. Desktop signing apps like Sparrow (opens in a new tab), the BitBoxApp (opens in a new tab), Electrum (opens in a new tab) or Specter Desktop (opens in a new tab) that support signing devices can then be used with your own sovereign Bitcoin node.

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Installing more than one server is not recommended and not compatible, we do not support it